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  STORY:Epolvene House

       Epolvene House

"it was a summer day. The sky seemed to sing with joy, the grass seemed to play a merry tune with it's long green fingers.Never had the sun shone so brightly, never had the sky been so blue."

Miss Clover paused momentairly.

"the birds flew high above this beautiful picture singing at - LOULA !"

"oh what-sorry? Gee Miss, was someone really singing at me ?"

Replied a confused and hesitant Loula.

"Miss Eike," Loula winced at the tone of Miss Clover's voice."For your sake I sincerely hope that was a genuine mistake. You shall learn and recite a piece of poetry, and if it is not as precise and accurate as I think it should be, you will learn it again."

"Yes Miss Clover," replied Loula.


Loula opened the door to her room and flung herself on the bed. Her and Miss Clover had never seen eye to eye. Her sister Perigrine, was liked by Miss Clover, as she was quiet,obedient and hard-working. Perigrine disliked Miss Clover, However.

Loula and Perigrine felt like outcasts in the house, there were other children there, but they were all children of the Master and Mistress of the house.

At that moment, Charlotte walked across the passage outside Loula's door. From her hang-dog expression, Loula could tell she was on her way to Miss Clover's room.

Miss Clover was not the only adult in the house. She taught Literacy, Maths , Geography, History and Science. Miss Renalds taught Art, Music and Drama, and Mrs Peters taught R.E and P.E. Miss Vegas was the nursery maid, who looked Lillibet, Charles and Claudie. Miss Anderson was the Nurse and Mrs Aunrall the librarian. There was also Cook, and countless servants.

             "The sky is rejoicing,

               as I wander Free-"

Said Loula, searchind her brain for what came next, when she heard loud footsteps, which allerted her remarkably, though she knew it would only be Perigrine.

"Patricia, try not to be so loud" said the Mistress, only implying that Loula was right.

Perigrine came into the room, and sat down on the bed.

"Old fool" she muttered.

"Miss Clover or Mrs Epolvene ?" enquired Loula.

"Both.But mainly her"

"Is her Miss Clover or Mrs Epolvene?"

"Both." said Perigrine again."But mainly Mrs Epolvene."

"I won't ask you why."said Loula.She knew why.Whenever she needed to speak to Perigrine or herself it was "Patricia" or "Tallulah-Joanna"or with their baby sister Claudie it was "Claudina" both girls resented her tremendously for this, she simply could not except that they had unusual names.

To them though, it was another way to push them out of the circle, another way they weren't included, another way they were different.


"Come on Peregrine, pay a bit more attention and stop dreaming out of the window."

Perigrine jerked her head to focus on the piece of paper in front of her. What's the point ? she thought, letting a lock of black hair fall over her face. Would she treat the others like this? I'm sick of being different.

"Perigrine, dear" said Miss Renalds "You're daydreaming again"

Perigrine studied her teacher's face for a moment.

"Miss Renalds, Do you- I mean is it-?"

"Yes ?"

"Miss Renalds, is it your opinion that-" she paused "Is it your opinion that my name has a certain well- It's just the way you pronouce-does my name-"

"Carry on"

She breathed. "Is my name freaky or something?"

"Peregrine!" gasped Miss Renalds "Silence for the rest of this lesson!"

Tears streamed down Perigrine's face, as Miss Renalds handed her a card as an extra punishment.

"So much that only boys get caned!" she shouted.

"Times have changed" was Miss Renalds reply "It isn't like that anymore, besides it is a mere rap on the knuckles."

"Not for me and Loula it isn't. The ruler's carved right into our hands.Don't pretend you don't know that wer'e treated differently.Oh why did you give me this card, I only asked you a question!"

"You forgot your elocution Madam! In a most uncivilized way. And may I add you must learn to keep your temper!"

"No you may not add it! and what's your excuse? Artistic temperament?"

"Oh Peregrine, what's got into you?"

This house.Thought Peregrine.These people.



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