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What Katy Did > Susan M. Coolidge

Astralise > This book is about disobedience and saying you will do something tomorow when you could do it today. Katy always resolved to be good and to 'do something great to make her famous, but she didn't know what yet' when she grew up. Perhaps not realising how much she had grown already.This book is a 'children's classic' so I wouldn't try it if you aren't into the old-fashioned way of thinking.

Rating: ###

Avalon High > Meg Cabot

Astralise > Okay, this book is slightly weird.(And Freaky) so don't read it if your not into the slightly surreal.(sp) It's about King Arthur and the idea of reincarnation. Basically, the main character, Ellie, is starting at a new school. It isn't really unusual for her because both of her parents are professers, and professers love sabbaticals, which means she moves to new places yearly.And guess what, just in case the title doesn't suggest it, the school's name is Avalon High. Soon, she gets caught up in a plot of murder, and then theres...well, read the book and find out for yourself.

Rating: ####

The Wreck of the Zanzibar > Michael Morpurgo

Astralise > Brilliant.This book is set in  Bryher, one of a group islands set in the atlantic ocean. Commonly known as the Isles of Scilly.The main character, Laura, wants to row in the gig races, but being a girl, is not allowed to, however, she has more to worry about.The year is 1907 and life is hard. The farm she lives on is rapidly losing it's cows. Their milk is their main source of money. Then, her twin brother, Billy meets a man called Joseph Hannibal, and is all set to to sail around the world with him. Laura only finds joy in trying to get a massive leatherback turtle back into the sea. But she must not let her father see him, or he will be turned into soup. And the storms on the island are getting worse. The Islanders can't afford to mend many more rooves. Is all hope lost?

Rating: #####


To do your own review email me through contact and title it 'book review' give yourself a nickname and don't forget the rating! (out of 5 stars) You can also do a book review on a book that has been done already, so we have two or three opinions.Everyone has different tastes!!



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