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  Role Play Characters


ein BildName: Okella

     Age: 13

     Race: Unknown

     Eyes: Green

     Hair: Blue

     History: On a quest to find out her past. Lived on the streets for most of  

      her life that she could remember, but when she traced her Grandfather,

      he left her with the words: "Goodbye.I shall miss my Seaka, and Sk....."

      So she is now on a quest to find out who Seaka is.On the way, she 

      discovers more than she bargained for....................


ein Bild

      Age: 13



      Eyes: Green

     Hair: redddish.










ein BildName: Nui

       Status: Head Of The Army.

       Alias: Seaka in disguise.



ein Bild    Name:Skyra


Race: Zarrinaen ( 1/2 ) Neko ( 1/4 ) Catanna (1/4)

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Black

History: Abandoned at 6 months, and on the streets alone since 3, Skyra is known in 4 dimensions as Skyra, Sky, Lumuina and Pawka.

Alias: Sky, HRH, Empress Of Zarrinaei , Warrior of the skies, wolf-warrior.

ein BildName:  Seaka

Age: 1300

Race: Zarrinean (1/2) Catanna (1/8 )  mermaidian ( 1/16 )   Goddess (2/8) 

            moon-being ( 1/8 ) water-creature ( 1/4 )

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blue

Alias: HRH, Empress Of Zarrinaei,Warrior of the sea.

History: Seperated from her family. Became a warrior and fought for peace 

               for her world. Has a sister , Skyra.


 HRH, Empress of Zarrinaei, Seaka Zarane Oshtiani , Warrior of the sea















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Comment posted by Astralise, 08/13/2007 at 10:49am (UTC):
Try posting on the forum. choose one of i-don't-know-how-many roleplays.

Comment posted by akkrilia, 07/19/2007 at 10:58am (UTC):
Age: not entirely sure. I've been imprisoned in the Halls of Dark Eternity for a lonnnng time now


Eyes:Red(on fire sometimes)

Hair:Black (usually hidden under her helmet)

History: was soo evil that she had to be locked away in the Halls of Dark Eternity for 2000 years.Well, now those 2000 years are up and she's got a grudge against the entire universe for locking her away...
donning dark power armour and her trusty flame sword, Akkrilia is going to show us why we should fear her...

Twilight Mistress of War
(basically a dark warlord but a girl)

Comment posted by sana , 07/17/2007 at 4:45pm (UTC):
what about ashei?i will send you a text with her info on soon

Comment posted by AStral, 07/13/2007 at 8:20am (UTC):

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