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  STORY: Niphinya


My name is Niphinya Jones. I'm named after Niphinya Datasktus , the evil genius , who ruined everyone that she met.  My name can cause all sorts of problems , since it is said that Niphinya affected someone from every family here in Luvanesca. Which is a lot of families.

I get on fine with everyone , right up until they ask for my name. Sometimes I get a slap in the face. Sometimes they pretend to get a phone call, or say " Sorry , I have to be be somewhere. " Sometimes they give me the full length story of how much Niphinya ruined their lives.

All I can say is, with a name like Niphinya, my parents couldn't have liked me much.

Not that it's like I'll ever find out. About wether my parents liked me or not I mean. All the same, I would like some answers. But since there's not many people who even acknowledge me, it looks like I'm stuck with the questions.

At the moment though, I keep having flashbacks, things that aren't quite complete, like a puzzle I can never finish, or a destination I can never reach.

Sometimes I think I should go and get myself into some orphanage, get a summer job, start to play the diggery-doo, learn Italian. Just do something, but when the whole world is against you, it poses a problem.

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