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  STORY: Substitutionary World.

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Substitutionary World

This morning, I looked in the mirror. Properly looked, for the first time since coming here.

I thought back , to my old family, and life, back before my whole world was destroyed.

Mother and I lived in a flat. Okay we didn't have the best of neighbours, ( they always had their music on really loud . And they didn't have any taste either. ) and our plumbing system wasn't the best , ( at first we didn't have a sink ) but trust me, it was okay.

We lived on the ground anyway, which I can tell you is a lot better than being up in the sky and floating around aimlessly. Plus, nearly every second, some dumb helicopter or plane ( and occasionally the odd levitating dalek ) interupt whatever you're doing with a whooshing sound / whir of rotors / loud cry of EXTERMINATE !

Not that there is much to interupt ( there are only a few clouds around that you can't even sit on. Trust it to be me who wasn't  paying attention on that science lesson about gas ) but still.
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Daft plane. So inconsiderate. Just at the moment you get interested in something.

Anyway, as I was saying, about boredom. Well don't feel too sorry for me, because when I reach a certain age I get to go into space and become an astronaut. One problem. That's when I'm 1000. * Does cha cha cha angrily on a cloud. falls off because she forgot again*. 


And actually...I made that up..makes things more fun.



Anyway, this is the only stuff I have , pen and paper, simply because I was holding this when I was teleported here by some evil guy I can't remember the name of.

Trust me, if I remembered his name , then I would so make him pay for this. Oh yeah, there's no phonebook up here.

So nix that , okay ?

I wish I actually knew where I was. Well, I mean, I know I'm floating around in the sky. But am I like, over South America or the Antartic, or someplace like that ? Jeez I wish I could tell.

"Anyone got a telescope ?"Wait. "Do telescopes even exist up here?"*silence* I guess not. In fact, does anything exist up here? I mean,that would explain a lot..............

Hey , where has everyone gone ?



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:o8)more coming soon.

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i wanna hear the rest of the story!

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